Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pumpkins, Treats, and Critters good and bad

Well, here we are in the middle of October with the cooler temps, rain, and pumpkins gracing every corner.

I always feel so sorry for the neighbors who get their pumpkins on the porch steps before all the others, why?, because they usually get them smashed right away.  I used to think what a waste, until I saw the squirrels feasting on the mushy pulp....btw, we have way. too. many. squirrels. this year! I have been harboring some really nasty thoughts about them which include guns, poison, and traps.  I have read that I'm not alone in my thoughts, the squirrels mated in abundance last winter due to the very mild temps, so some areas are being overrun by these bushy tailed rats. 

The Bad Critters:

Anyway, enough about squirrels.  Oh wait, did I say that I have the small red type living under my deck, also a few chipmunks, and a rabbit?  After my dog died from old age, she was such a sweetie, the local varmints have taken up residence.  Of course it doesn't help that all my neighbors have dogs to protect their yards leaving mine the most exposed.  A few years ago, I had a family of skunks and a family of foxes who all wintered under my must be nice there, perhaps I can pipe in some music too.  I called the local "critter removal" guy and he successfully trapped them and relocated them far, far away (I'm hoping!) least they haven't  returned yet.

The Good Critters:

Here's a photo of my dog, the big Lab.  The Border Collie belonged to my daughter, but she stayed with me for a long time.    (As I recall, my daughter stayed with me a long time too.)   Someday, I'll post some stories about my animals.

This is a photo of a photo so it's not so clear.  Weren't they just simply the most adorable girls?!

Two of the BEST dogs in the world.  Gone but never forgotten.

Okay, so when I saw the,  thrice run over by the neighborhood teen driver, squashed pumpkin pulp that the squirrel was eating, I got my pail and shovel and scooped up a  bit for myself..."that critter can't have it all",  I said to personne/no one.

Here's what I made:    Pumpkin Bars

These bars have a graham/nut crust with a soft custard-like pumpkin filling.  I decided to do without the extra calories of a nut and streusel topping, and just sprinkled a little powdered sugar when it had cooled down.  If you like moist food, then you'll love these.

 Click here, where another person has already done the searching on the web for you,  highlighting many varieties of pumpkin treats....this will save lots of time, and give you some good ideas.  My bar was basically the #1 on the list but without the topping.  Next time, I'm going to make the #14 on the list, it sounds sooooo yummy.  Hmm, pumpkin AND chocolate.

Good luck in finding your own local source for mashed might be right outside your door!


P.S.  I hope you realize by now that I didn't take the squirrel's food.  :-)


  1. Which recipe on the list did you use? My friends brought me cans of pumpkin and though I'm saving a couple for Thanksgiving pumpkin pies, I'm ready to make some other treat. French people cannot understand the idea of using pumpkin in a sweet treat and I like to surprise them. On the other hand, I made a pumpkin soup last week that was to die for.

    1. Hi, Delana, I used the # 1 on the list but put powdered sugar on the top after it had cooled. I added some chopped pecans to the bottom crust for a little crunch...I like crunch.
      When I lived in Geneva, I served pumpkin pie to some french friends, in fact I invited them for Thanksgiving dinner with all the "works". They had never had pumpkin pie and they decided it was good. :) Good luck with yours!

  2. Those two beauties do look like they were good dogs!
    Happy Halloween :)

  3. Hi Mem! Long time no speak! I'm just dropping a note to wish you a very happy new year! I hope your holidays were lovely! :)

    1. @ ella:
      Happy New Year to you too! I read all your posts regularly. I've taken a long hiatus from my blog, but I'll get back to it.