Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy birthday....

If my Mom were still with us, she would celebrate her 96th birthday today.

She died 10 years ago,  not long after celebrating her 86th birthday.  It's hard to believe that 10 years have passed....she is very missed. 

She was a fun mom.  She participated fully in her children's lives in so many ways that enriched our lives. Her love of sports got us involved in softball, golf, tennis, football, swimming and skiing.  Mom was good at anything she did....a champion bowler, winning lots of trophies in her hometown league. 

There wasn't anything she wouldn't do for her own children, and all the neighbor kids too.  She flooded our backyard in the winter so we could ice skate, she built a three-ring circus in our big garage so we kids could perform for a crowd, this included grandstands, and a trapeze in the rafters. Mom was probably the best Den Mother for my brothers and their friends, doing projects to earn them many badges. 

Our birthdays, Christmas', and other holidays were approached with enthusiasm, and uniqueness.  I don't know anyone who had a Christmas like the ones my Mom created.  They were truly magical.  She was a good cook and tried to always be creative when making our birthday cakes....long before the fancy cakes we see now days. 

It was at her insistence that we bought a summer cottage so we could have beautiful warm weather fun every year.  She made sure the money could be found to buy speedboats, sailboats, canoe, fishing boat, diving boards, and any other article needed to have fun.  If we were going to be on a lake, then we would learn how to do it all.  Her house was always open to our friends and extended family members. 

Mom was a giver, and wanted to help others in any way that she could.  She often did without so a friend or a relative could have what they needed.  I know some of the things she did for others, but I'll probably never know all that she did. 

On top of all of this, she was very intelligent....not much got past her.  She fought for her rights and the rights of others when she felt they were being impinged upon....she would put together a well reasoned argument which often times changed the minds of her opponents. 

So....this is my Mom.....miss you!