Sunday, February 26, 2012

Busy with things I love!

Hi to all!

Just before I retired,  people would tell me that I'd better find many hobbies if I didn't want to be bored.  I said to them, "Thank you for your advice, but I'm fairly certain that will not happen to me."  And, it hasn't!   You see, I enjoy doing so many things, I don't have enough time to do all the ones that interest me. 

Through the years, I have taken up painting, stained glass, sewing, knitting, crocheting, baking and cooking, learning French, traveling, gardening, keeping up with technology, tennis, golf, racket ball, and reading.  I continue with most of these activities now.  It seems I'm always working on some project, if not two or three.  In fact, writing this blog is a new endeavor I have decided to tackle.  I'm not such a good writer, nor have I come close to perfecting any particular skills, but I just do the things that interest me. If I see something that intrigues me, I have to try it.  Also, I learned to do some things because I didn't have the money to hire a professional.  That trait came to me directly through the teachings of my Mom....if you can save some money, do it yourself!  What this meant to me was, I changed electrical wiring, made and poured cement, put down a wood floor, painted the inside and outside of my houses, wallpapered the walls, sewed curtains, tiled the counters and floors, made roofing improvements, and the list goes on.....    Believe me, there were times when I was in the middle of a project,  and so tired and sore,  that I wished I had hired someone.

Times are changing....I don't want to do the heavy lifting projects anymore.  I certainly appreciate the man who removes the snow from my drive and sidewalk. 

These wonderful retirement days are filled with "easier on the back" activities.  I just love our new technologies, too.  Downloading music, books, movies, photos, and more, is so super! I'm a true fan of Apple my iPhone, MacBook, and iPad.  I don't watch much on the TV and I don't subscribe to cable because I receive most channels from an antenna or through the wireless,  but I am curious about the Apple TV which might be coming to us soon.  I'm hoping it will have some great new features, even more than the smart TVs on the market now.

A window display I liked in Paris

So, you see, at home, or on the road, I am not without things I love to do!  I know, if you challenge yourself to keep learning, you will enjoy each day.  My Grammie Anderson answered those who asked her how she stayed so young and vibrant with,  "I focus on what is happening now around me, and look to the future, too.  I don't dwell on the past."  An example of staying in the present that she did when she was in her 80's, was to crochet string bikinis to sell to the young girls in California, rather than crocheting lace for pillowcases or doilies as she did in her past.  She was going strong, with a lucid mind, until she reached 95.

Looking forward to what's on my horizon!

Enjoy your days,

A fun application I like to play around with....

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