Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Watercolors and more....

Hi everyone!

As you may know, I have always liked painting.  Years ago, and I do mean lots of years ago, I first tried my hand at watercolors.  I took some classes from a couple of artists in my hometown. Since that time, every once in awhile I will get all my supplies out, paint, and then I put it all away to do something different.  If only I would stick to it!  Painting with watercolors is much harder than it might look, at least that's been my experience. Anyway, it provides me some fun, and challenges, which keeps me returning to try again another day.

I'm sorry to say that with all my many moves, I have thrown out just about everything I've ever painted.  I did keep one small watercolor of the rocky foothills in Colorado that I matted and framed back in the '70's.  It's very simple, rather austere actually, but it does look a lot like that part of the countryside where I lived.  Once, a friend actually wanted to buy it!  Surprised the heck out of me.  I decided to keep it and it still hangs in my home today reminding me of Namaqua Hills.  

Here it is for you to see.....

Some (the next three) have the Aspens, pines, and flowers of Colorado.... it's possible to recognize the subject matter, even if, the colors are over mixed to the point of being muddy! Hey, I told you I'm still learning.


     Some are more simplified....just good, clear color.

                         I suppose you can see by now that I usually stick to flowers and nature....

           ~ ~ ~ now this tulip painting is just an oddball~ ~ ~still, it makes me feel cheerful!

      I kind of like this one with waterlilies, altho' I've got to admit that Monet's are far superior !

That's about the end of the road for me today....I've exposed my lack of real talent so I guess it's time to move on.   Maybe in a later post I will show you some of my more recent attempts at painting using apps on my iPad.  **hint:  I'm crazy for Rothko, Pollack, Frankenthaller, and others in the same vein.

Wishing you a splash of color in whatever you might choose to do,


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