Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hello and Bonjour,

In order to learn how to make a good blog, I've been viewing and reading lots of blogs.  I tell you, there are some really good ones out there.  I'm interested in France, food, and travel, so I've listed some of the ones I've enjoyed, for your pleasure, if you're so inclined.  You may have noticed most of these blogs are about living in France....traveling in France....eating French food.....

Ever since I lived in Geneva, Switzerland, for three wonderful years way back in the '80's, I've been yearning for another long stay in France.  I went back to Paris last September,  just for 2 weeks which was not nearly long enough!  But, just long enough to get the juices flowing....

I've wished for many years to get myself back to Aix-En-Provence for a 2-3 month stay...and I'm planning on doing that.  My French is getting stronger, but the real test comes when the natives start speaking so fast!  Ooh, la, la....

                                                             Place des Vosges

                                                            cafe on the rue de Lille

If you decide to look at the other blogs posted on my blog, I think you'd really enjoy ,  it is loaded with good information.  Try too.  The writer of this blog just returned to the US after 2 years in Paris gathering information to write a book on desserts.  The book is in bookstores now titled Paris, My Sweet.  Another blog all about sweets is  Even if you hate reading, the pictures on these three blogs will make your mouth water, and then some!

I'm sure enjoying what I'm doing....I hope you are too!


P.S.   Thank you to those who have told me that they like my's appreciated.

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