Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Seven Minute Frosting and Macarons

What, say you, is a macaron?


Just about every blog I've read recently talked about "Macaron Day".  As I was reading each and every post, a very strange thought popped into my here goes my story.

See this link for a recipe and photo of Macarons by David Lebovitz

Growing up in the 1950's and '60's, my mother made 7-Minute Frosting (do people still make it?) lots of times to cover a deep dark chocolate layer cake or a yellow layer cake with coconut shreds on the frosting.  We ate it while it was fresh, that's to say, it lasted for just one day, most of the time.  If it did get past the first day, the surface of the frosting developed a crust, but under this crust the texture was still soft and gooey.  When that happened, we considered the frosting to be a little old and least past its prime anyway.

Click here for Martha Stewart's recipe for 7-Minute frosting

As I pictured this in my mind, I thought,  this is almost exactly like the famous macaron, the only difference is the crust on the macaron is meant to be there!  That is the surprise....the softness under the crusty top layer.

How weird is this?   What I took for crusty, and moving toward stale, back then, is today's sought after desired effect for a perfect macaron.    « The macaron has been in existence since the middle of the 1500's, so some claim.  See Wikipedia for more information. »

Now,  what about the famous dessert  "Pavlova" ?   It, too, has a crusty top with a soft interior.  I first tasted one while in Australia having dinner with friends.  The sweetness of the meringue coupled with the tart of the passion fruit was fantastic!  Oh, so many,  sweet culinary pleasures....♡

Just saying.....



  1. I took a class on making Macarons. It takes a lot more than seven minutes but so worth the effort! Thanks for adding my blog to your blogroll. You have all my favorite French bloggers over there too!

  2. Thanks for your comment...I know it takes a lot more time, and you're so right, that it is worth it! I just saw the similarity with the meringue and the forming of the crust and decided to make mention of it. I am so enjoying reading all the great blogs, yours included. Thanks again!