Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bistro, Café, Eggs, Burgundy, and Trausse

Hello mes amis,

As I've continued to search for great blogs which are of interest to me, I came across some information I found appealing, not just for me, but for those people who will be traveling to France for a first trip or a return trip.  Here are a few of them.

After looking at many blogs in the past few days, I found this blog post by Wendy Lyn of The Paris Kitchen Blog describing what a bistro is all about. I definitely agree with her.  En fait, her entire blog is amazing and one that should not be missed!  She is a long time resident of Paris and knows her stuff!  You will not be disappointed with the knowledge she imparts.

Another post from Aidan of  Conjugating Irregular Verbs Blog.....which I found to be mouth-watering good...... was about the egg dish she ate at The Café Constant on Rue Saint-Dominique in the 7th.  She also found a recipe and video for making the eggs online at Wisconsin Foodie.  I'm very much like her when I find something delicious,  I want to try it in my own kitchen.  She did make them for her family and it all turned out great.  Here is the final installment with her very own version of the eggs! Bravo and well done!

and.....which came first?

I think you won't go wrong if you lunch, or dine, at either of these two places in Paris.  The really terrific thing about both is that their prices are reasonable.

A third blog I like is the one by Erin Hill who is a painter living in, and giving tours, in the south of France.  She's an Aussie who has found another great part of the world to sketch.

All the photos with dates on them I've taken myself....this is not by Erin Hill.

Last, but certainly not least, I came across this blog of a southerner living in the Burgundy region of France.  She has wonderful posts and many good recipes, too.  Lynn tells how she and her husband came to live in the chateau with this first post....very interesting!  An added plus on her blog are all the beautiful photos

I hope you've enjoyed my sleuthing.....and have clicked on the links in green to read more.


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