Thursday, July 5, 2012

Turning Four

I wish I could remember when I was four...a couple of vague memories persist, but that's all.

I do recall that my two older brothers told me to "pretend being unconscious" to play a joke on our that was certainly a rotten thing to do and boy did she get upset with us all! Poor Mom, the things she had to put up with. 

I do remember starting Kindergarten at Cherry Street School when I was just 4 yrs old.  That must have been a good September for Mom---getting 3 kids out of the house for part of her day.

The reason I'm thinking about "being four" is that my youngest of two grandsons will be turning four this week.  I hope he can remember all that he has done in these first years of his life because he has done so much already.  He has lived on both coasts of the U.S.; he has driven across the country and jetted across it too. He has visited Disneyland and Disney World, plus Sea World,  Lego Land, and many zoos.  He has been swimming in freshwater lakes, pools, and oceans.  He has ridden in speedboats, paddle boats, pontoon boats, wave runners, row boats, and canoes.  This year, he learned to ice skate, and to snow ski!  He is one lucky and accomplished little guy. 

He's been smiling from the day he was born, too. 

Milo, 2yrs. old, standing in the sky blue shirt with all his cousins and brother.      OK, he's not smiling here!

Milo's third birthday.

Milo found the Band-aids!

Milo with big brother, Kai.

Happy Birthday!

           Happy Birthday!

                      Happy Birthday, Milo!

Mem         (aka)  Grammie



  1. A very sweet post. Your Milo is one cute little boy. A smiling face and a positive attitude are always a winning combination! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  2. Yes, he is quite the cutie pie! Attitude is a great plus, too. I enjoyed reading about your fun trip to France and look forward to more postings.

  3. Milo is GORGEOUS! Is he Ameriasian or Eurasian? Regardless, both his smile and his handsome eyes are just charming.

  4. He's Ameriasian...both parents are American, but his Father is of S. Korean heritage. Thanks for your comment. :)

    I just got introduced to your blog and am enjoying reading it. I took lots of pictures last year when visiting the Louvre, now I can learn more about them.

  5. Here's a late happy 4th birthday to Milo. He and Leo share a love of band-aids.
    aidan x