Monday, May 28, 2012

Let's Remember

Much to remember on this day.

Red crepe paper poppies in our lapels.

[taken from internet]

Uncle Carl, who fought in Europe and made it home to live for many more years.

Uncle Art, who piloted a fighter plane in the Pacific and was shot down never to return home.

Seeing my Mom's tears each time she thought of her little brother...he called her Leni.

Auntie Ev, a nurse who cared for so many soldiers in the Pacific Islands.

The Parade we rode in with our red, white, and blue decorated bikes.

Streamers on the handles and small U.S. flags on the baskets.

Trips to the cemetery to place flowers on the graves.

Thankful for all these family members....

and, all the others who have sacrificed for our country.

[from internet]

Always hoping for peaceful solutions,


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