Thursday, April 26, 2012


my backyard

Hello all,

Spring continues in my yard, with new blossoms each day. Just as the last of the tulips begin their retreat, the iris and the trees commence.....

Dans mon coin du monde, where I live, we've had just enough rain and plenty of sunshine to help all the flowers to bloom.  The grass is a beautiful green, as well as the new leaves on the trees and shrubbery.  Just as the trees were beginning to show their gorgeous blossoms, the wind intervened to reduce their usual abundant amount. 

Our nights have been cold, still some frost happening, so I've delayed sowing seeds in my Earth Boxes.  I do have a few very hardy lettuce seeds that sprouted on their own after surviving the winter weather...I love those few that are not willing to die, no matter what the conditions.

This is one of the five hardy and determined lettuce plants.

Here are the latest additions to my yard.

These are dwarf irises....max height is 6-7 inches.

more dwarf iris...I bought one small plant about 5 years ago,  now I keep dividing and planting elsewhere in my yard.

Normal height iris...this grouping is loaded with buds, can you see them?

Normal height iris
Crab Apple blossoms

Wild Cherry Tree,  very large,   25-30 feet tall

This Wild Cherry Tree produces lots of very small red cherries in the Fall....... the birds' favorite place to chow down!     Sad to say, none for moi.

I haven't been spending all my time in the yard,  I continue to  occupy the kitchen, too,  making food I love to eat.  That will be coming in a later post.

À bientôt,


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