Monday, April 30, 2012


We got a good rain this's not a good day to be outside.

so, I decided to bake.

I've been drooling over all the beautiful photos of French pastries on
the blog,  Raids-Patisserie.

and,  since I have never made Financiers (small buttery cakes) comme Les Madeleines,

I gathered all the necessary ingredients, and got busy.

I ground the almonds,
I browned the butter,
I separated the eggs,
I combined the flour, salt, almond meal,
I whipped the egg whites,
I folded the whites, browned butter, vanilla
    with the dry mixture.
I generously buttered the small individual brownie/muffin tin,
I filled the tin with airy batter,
I baked it for 9 minutes in a 400º preheated oven.

They puffed up....
then came down.

They are cooling on a rack,
but look and smell
like perfection.

I want to eat one,
but I know they'll be better if I wait.

I found the recipe's another keeper.  I used this recipe.

Here's another recipe and tells more about the origin of the Financier.

I gave in and ate one,  oh. my. gosh.  pure delight!

Definitely, brown the butter!!!  The taste is superb,  it's somewhat caramel flavored, not too sweet, very moist and buttery, with crunchy, crispy tops, bottoms, and sides.

My daughter browns the butter for her chocolate chip cookie recipe, and it is marvelous, so I knew I had to brown the butter in this recipe.  I strained the butter in a very fine strainer.  The  butter was a definite brown color, but not burnt.

I only got 9 Financiers from this recipe when it calls for 12.

Yum, yum, yum !

Now, I've got to pace myself, so I don't finish them off today.....


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