Sunday, April 29, 2012



Spring sure does bring new things my way....whether I like them, or not!  In years past, I've had a  grey fox family and a skunk family living under my deck during the winter months, only to emerge in the early Spring, to frolic on my deck.  They all moved on to other parts with a little help from the wildlife trapper!

And, now, this year brings:


"Who's there?"  ........ (no joke)...... 

"It's that damn woodpecker again!"

 Almost every morning, between 5 am  and 8 am ,  the Northern Flicker,  bless its little heart,  comes-a-knocking on my roof.  It especially likes the metal of the exhaust fans.  It whacks away for about 10 minutes, then flies on to another roof, or so I assume.

One day, I ran outside to observe this happening, carefully noting the bird's plumage.  After finding a website for woodpeckers, I was able to identify the culprit...a Northern Flicker.  He, or she, or both, rap on rooftops or metal objects to warn other birds to stay out of their territory...might be a mating thing, too. 

I don't know how long this will go on, I'm hoping it will stop real soon.  << Hey,  I'm retired, I have no use for an alarm clock. >>

from :   cave of the                               Pretty bird, nasty habit.....

If you're interested in learning more or listening to the sounds of this bird,    click here

Never a dull moment,


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