Friday, April 6, 2012


Well, I have not been cooking much lately....other things have drawn me away from the kitchen.  I just finished reading a trilogy which kept me busy for awhile.

Yesterday I was reading a blog post by Carol G. < Paris Breakfasts> and she was naming some ways to listen to French language.  One of the ways was to tune into On Va Déguster to listen to interviews on I did.  I randomly selected one interview which had a couple of chefs who are known for their crêpes.  It was interesting and it certainly will help me understand the language, at least I hope so.

As I am a lady of leisure's great!....I decided to make some crêpes.  I've made them many times in the past, but this would be the first time in quite a long time.  They are so easy to make and so versatile.  I made a small batch, just 6, and used the first one today for lunch.

I decided to have one filled with brown rice and asparagus spears, topped with an onion and baby portobello cream sauce.  I did all the prep work yesterday, so I just had to cook the crêpes and assemble it all today.  It was delish...and quite filling too.

the mushroom cream sauce.....the yellow is a piece of butter melting for extra richness and sheen

if you use melted butter in the batter, make it earlier and keep in the refrig, and use a non-stick pan, it won't stick......

it looks thick in this photo but it's not.....

some of my blue and white antiques bought in Geneva, Switzerland 30 years ago.......pretty

isn't it looking lovely?           even fresh picked chives from my garden......

Later on in the day, I ate another one of the 6 filled with raspberry jam....yum, yum.

Now, I am contemplating how to use the remaining four....hmmmmm.  So far, I've decided to fill one with scrambled eggs and salmon for brunch tomorrow;  then, fill one with chicken and lentils; next, for my sweet tooth, I'm going to fill one with my homemade vanilla ice cream and top it with my homemade caramel sauce with a touch of homemade chocolate sauce. That leaves just one to go....maybe another one filled with rice and asparagus laced with more mushroom sauce since I have those left over from the first one. 

Voilà,   c'est tout.

Happy Easter, 



  1. That looks absolutely divine! Seriously. My mouth is watering :)

    1. Thanks, Sara, it was! I hope the weather has returned to a warmer temp, aperos on the patio sounds wonderful but not with winter coats!