Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Can't wait...

Today is the DAY

Is anyone waiting for the new iPhone to debut, like I am?

                               I know it's crazy and materialistic but I can't help myself...

I had the iPhone original #1 in 2007,  then skipped the next two,  but upgraded to the

iPhone 4, then passed on the 4s because it wasn't offering much in new features.... BUT...

now I really want to get the iPhone 5.

I hate that the launch is at Pacific Time (10 am),  that just means I have to wait all morning my time, Eastern Standard Time.  The rumors are I just want to know, NOW!

After the announcement,  the WAIT know....put in the order as soon as possible....sometimes, they can't handle the onslaught of callers.....then, more waiting.

           Even MORE waiting, as it takes time to fill the orders, like at least 2 weeks minimum.

                                     ENOUGH!   I can't take much more of this....

                                                             By the way,

                                      have I said how much I like the  iPhone?

+++  I just read that they are expecting 75% of iPhone users to upgrade to the iPhone they handle that amount?             $$$$$$$ for Apple, Inc.

+++  Did you know that the iPhone alone is bigger than all of that blew my mind.

                   Well,  I just had to get this out, it's helping me pass the time while I wait.

                                                      Will you be getting the 5?


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