Friday, September 7, 2012


Most people don't like prunes, but this Prune I'm sure everyone would love.

Prune, the restaurant, in NYC,  is fabulous.  The owner/chef is Gabrielle Hamilton of recent fame for her best selling book,  Blood, Bones and Butter.  The book is predominately about her life as far as food has influenced her.  She's a good writer and has had an interesting life.

She opened the restaurant in 1999 and it has remained at the same location with continued great food and a loyal following.  I ate lunch there a week and a half was very good.  I chose  a pea dish as my first course which was made with 3 kinds of peas in a little bit of a vegetable stock topped with a sliver of honeycomb. YUM! It was all about the freshness of the peas with the honey highlighting their natural sweetness.  My main dish was a perfectly braised brisket in tomato sauce with crispy fries that were tossed with parsley and Parmesan cheese. That was superb.  The meat was cooked just right, so tender without falling apart or dry, and sliced very thinly. 

the peas were freshness at their finest

this was fabulous...very tender and tasty

ready to begin

Gabrielle is known for the way she prepares sweetbreads. I love sweetbreads but they were not on the menu when I was there.  Click here for a video of the chef.

More videos   This one is with Anthony Bourdain.  This is the 2nd of 3 videos he did with her. I found these on YouTube.

Here's a long interview with Gabrielle about the book.

If you want a delicious meal,  make a trip to Prune.  If you are looking for a good read,  find the book.
 I recommend both!




  1. I've heard about this book! It's on my goodreads :)

    1. It's very good, I think they may do a movie version, too.

  2. I will definitely check this out once I'm back in NYC! I'm always on the hunt for new restaurants. Thanks, Mem!

    You're so hip! : )

    1. Hope you like it, if you go. Also, try Palma in Greenwich Village on Cornelia, that was hoppin' on the Friday night I was there. Have you been to Balthazar on Spring St.? It's a great French Bistro. I've had only great food there.