Saturday, September 22, 2012

Comfy Cozy

Things are a-changing.....

Nights are getting cooler.....

Time to seek some comfy cozy.....

My nights have gotten cool, maybe even downright cold.  No frost yet, but pretty darn close the other night.  Brave as I am, I didn't turn on the heat.  "Grin and bear it", I said to myself.  It will get much colder before long,  this is just a little blip on the thermostat.

I did, however, reach for my duvet, it was so warm and comfy.  I even started wearing my fleece-lined slippers again after the long summer's break. 

My food thoughts, too, are now turning to comfy dishes, like the ones that simmer-and-stew for hours in the hot oven.  My mother made pot roasts that were to die for,  and Goulash that cooked for hours with tomatoes, meat and onions.  Her Mac n Cheese was like no others', and we ate it with butter melted on top and a sprinkle of sugar. And, how could I forget Mom's Ham and Escalloped Potatoes!


When I read Chez Richard's blog the other day, I was all set to fix his recipe for Creamed Chicken. (Click on his blog title to see the recipe)  I had most of the ingredients so it would be easy to do for the weekend meals....just needed to purchase chicken thighs.  I used half-n-half and thickened the sauce with some corn starch/cold water mixture.  You could also use heavy cream, or sour cream, or a combination of both.

After making it all in an enameled cast iron pot,  I transferred it to a larger casserole dish for keeping in the fridge.

The potatoes, carrots and onions are in there but hiding under the chicken thighs.

I will add, and stick under the broiler, the grated cheese for the top, if I feel like having some, each time I eat a portion, that way the cheese will be freshly browned, and crispy. 

Also, I had some mushrooms that I was going to add to this dish but decided to serve them on the side instead. 

****I found the original recipe at Gourmet Magazine website,  click here.
As you can see from their photo,  I made a lot more sauce.  I guess I added more broth and half-n-half.  I do like sauce!!  Their photo also shows what the broiled cheese on top will look like.

Guess what?

I got so hungry writing the above....and it was lunch time....that I dished up a serving.  As it turned out, I didn't make too much sauce, it just looked that way when the whole recipe was grouped together in one casserole.  I added the cheese on the top and put it under the broiler element for a few minutes.  Ta-da!  What a superbly gratifying meal.

I love these cast iron serving dishes....the food stays hot until the last bite.

Don't you think this looks like a perfectly marvelous repas?

Hope your tummy feels warm and satisfyingly comfy......bon week-end!

        Now for some Football,


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