Thursday, September 27, 2012

Who was that?

Most of you are too young to remember the masked man and his sidekick,  but when trouble happened, they were sure to save the day!

I count on a couple of modern day heros to help me when I run into problems...well, actually, they are pretty large corporations who have taken my side to solve sticky situations.  It's certainly nice to have them working for me!

Who are they?

Amazon, the giant,  and Apple,  the techie.

A number of years ago, after buying a MacBook on Amazon, plus buying a two yr. warranty, the battery would no longer charge.  My warranty hadn't expired yet but the warranty company wouldn't cover batteries, so I called Apple.  They sent me a new one free of charge ($120).  All I had to do was send my defective one back to problem with that!  Hooray....for Apple!!

However,  when I put in the new battery it wouldn't charge either....hmmmm, must be some other I called the warranty company again and told them that I still had a problem with my laptop.  They sent me a box to ship it to them, and then told me to check their website for details and that they thought it would be a week to fix and get back.  I checked on the progress every day,  BUT, there was no progress, or updates!  What the #@$%^!

Two weeks later,  I call them and ask what is going on???

They give me the run-around.  I ask for the manager, and he puts me on hold for 20 minutes!  His final word was he had no idea when the laptop would be fixed because the part was on back order.  .........Sure, go ahead and blame the other guy.....

Now I'm really I hang up on him and call Amazon, where I had gotten the warranty in the first place.  (The warranty company was not with Amazon.)

I tell the Amazon person my story,  and that I want my laptop back NOW!  He's very nice and says he'll look into the matter straight away....good.  Just one hour later, he calls me back to say that my laptop will be fixed that very evening, and I'll receive it, by Fedex, the next morning before 10 a.m.   Yea!!!!  My hero.....Amazon!  I did get it before 10!!!  It worked, too.  End of that story.

Another rescue by Amazon, in a round about way.

I buy lots of stuff from the giant....I trust they'll do right by me.

Two summers ago, I bought a weedeater/trimmer.  It had a rechargeable battery pack.  I liked this trimmer and used it mainly to edge my lawn.  It worked well.

This summer I tried to recharge the battery, but, no can do!!  A red flashing light tells me that the battery is can this fail so soon??  I've only used the recharging device 3 or 4 times.  I go to Amazon to see what a new battery will cost....$70!....Wow......then, I decide to read some of the 143 reviews on the product.  Long story short,  there are many unhappy customers with defective battery packs.  I'm so glad Amazon printed those comments, that'll give me ammo for getting a free replacement, I hope.

Well,  I phoned the maker of the trimmer, this morning.  I explained about my battery pack being defective (not charging), and how I saw, after checking on Amazon, that I was part of a large group of dissatisfied customers.  The customer service person first asked for the serial number of this product, then quickly took my name and address and said I should receive a new (free) battery pack within 6-10 days!  Very nice, indeed....I think it didn't hurt to throw the Amazon name into the conversation, either.

Thanks, again, big giant, just like the Masked Man, there to save my day!

"Who was that masked man?"

"Why,     that was,     the Lone Ranger." 

  (riding into the sunset, you hear)

   "Hi-O, Silver!"

Those were great episodes....and still are!



  1. Wow, I can't believe how good Amazon is -- getting you the computer the following day (and before 10, no less) is impressive!

    I'd always hated your Giant because they pushed out small bookstores in NY (Three Lives is one of the few bookstores in the Village, where I grew up, that is still there). But whilst living in France Amazon UK has certainly saved my life a number of times (although out of principle I still don't buy books from them). And oddly enough the UK Amazon is always cheaper than the French one (for the same products).

    1. Amazon has been good to me....the computer episode was amazing! I don't buy too many books from them either, I try to use my library as much as I can.

  2. I bought my macbook a little over three years ago and I am on my third charger! I don't know why they wear out so quickly but they do :(
    And have you seen the preview for the new Lone Ranger movie... Johnny Depp and Arnie Hammer... yummy yum yums!

  3. I just went to YouTube to see the newly released does look good. I like Johnny Depp, and Arnie Hammer is pretty cute,too.