Monday, September 3, 2012

NYC Trip

I'm finding it very hard to get back to writing....but promised myself to get on with it.

A few years ago, my roommate from college and I got reunited with each other, it had been 40+ years since we had last touched base.  We're both pretty much the same, so all went well.

She was the first person I had gone to NYC with....we went there for a week just before we were to start our sophomore year at many years later, we return for a week of fun each August.

We meet at the hotel I found online, each of us flying in from different cities in the U.S.  I got there an hour before her, and to my delighted surprise, was informed that our room was upgraded to a suite!  Wow...and no extra costs.  We loved our previous room because it was so big,  even had a fully equipped kitchen and located in a quiet area on E. 56th St. at Park. 

The new room/suite was every bit as nice as the other one, but now we had 2 bathrooms and a huge living room.  I'm not sure why we got upgraded, but I liked that we were.

Living Room

Entrance Hall

Living Room

This year we saw just two Broadway plays,  Newsies  and  Peter and the Star Catchers.  Last year we tried to get in 4 plays, and we did, but it was a bit much in a week's visit.  Last year we saw, Memphis,  Jersey Boys, War Horse,  and  Sister Act...all were terrific. 

My friend is a singer and voice-over talent with her own kids' theater school in SF.  She trained the boy who is the voice of Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story.  (He's now a grown man who lives in NYC.)  We might have lunched with him, but he was out of town.  Each year we lunch with another one of her former students who is acting in plays and still looking for her big break.  I hope it comes sooner than later for her.....she's a super nice young of luck to you, Rebecca!

We do the 'usual' things while there...plays, shopping, art museums, and eating at new (to us) good restaurants.  This year's places didn't disappoint! hint: one of them was the winner of the James Beard Award in 2011 and the owner/chef has a best selling book on the booklists.  I'll go into some of them in later posts.

The 'out of the usual' thing we did this year was to go to an "open mic" place so Judy could sing...she does this often in SF.  I wasn't sure about it at first, but the whole scene was lots of fun.  We met many super people from all over, and the ones who got up to sing were terrific.  No doubt, we'll return next year.

I love NYC. 


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