Tuesday, September 18, 2012

On Again, Off Again

Ups and Downs

             Warm, then cool

                                                It's September!

I'm always happy to see September roll around...even though I'm confused as to what to eat, or drink, or wear.

One day it's hot,

then it's cold,

then it's hot again.

The Change of Seasons is good, at least for me it is, it's the transitions that create some problems.  I can't put away the shorts yet for good.  I might have to turn the heat on one night, then the AC next.  When should I call to have the sprinkler system shut down? If there's another hot spell, the lawn will dry out.  Even though I'm still getting vegetables from the garden out back,  I'm feeling the need to make a stew or a big pot of hot soup.

                   Too                    much               back              and                forth!

Once the Season truly arrives,  I guess you could say of me,  I look forward to new beginnings.  I get tired of the 'usual' and I am ready for the next thing in line.

Some people just like to stick with one temperature, and can't abide the others.  My cousin, Gail, is like that.  She prefers the hot and humid all the months of the year.  She's surely not alone.

There are drawbacks to living with 4 Seasons;  I have to be prepared for all of them.

You know:    lawn mowers  and   snow blowers

                                                   parkas    and    shorts

                                                                   flip-flops    and    boots

                                    * the list is long -----   I'm certain you get the picture so I won't go on-----

In spite of the long list,  I still live for the changes.  I feel more alive and energized.

Yea!    Something new!

I don't look back with sadness;  I look to see what's coming, with a smile of anticipation.

My garden is changing,  one flower dies but another one blooms.....I'm ready for that.

The tall stalks of the Obedience Plant now have pretty pink flowers....they wait until Fall to get showy.

I'll have to pull these out soon.

The mums are just beginning to bloom.

The grass has recovered from the dry, hot summer,  but the basil is close to its end.

I had some bad spots in the lawn in the front yard, so I spent yesterday afternoon raking, reseeding, and watering.

I'm looking forward to some new bright green grass shoots pushing upwards in a few days.

Happy Autumn to all!  



  1. The September chill is definitely creeping in here in Paris. Scarf season has officially started! It's only going to get more beautiful. Don't worry about the parkas and boots yet! We have time for winter.

    Happy fall to you!

    1. Thanks 'ella, no, the heavy clothes will come later.